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Since 1974, when the Corsa was founded, until today, we have completed over 300 large-scale projects all over the world.

This makes us one of the top Spanish leading companies in the water technology sector.

Throughout these years, we have grown and broadened our horizons, extending to Central America, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia. We have conquered almost all the continents thanks to constant technological innovation and offering the best solution to every challenge that has been set to us.

Our mission

To apply cutting-edge technologies in water treatment for the benefit of the individual while respecting the environment and preserving that most precious resource: water.

Engineering services

  • Collaboration agreement between companies
  • Visits to installations and facilities
  • Study and solution to the issues concerning water
  • Bespoke design of the water plant, to meet the objectives required by our clients
  • Presentation of the Detailed Technical Proposal to implement the appropriate solution by means of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Quotation including the defined scope of the work
  • Contract process
  • Detailed engineering design for approval of the fabrication plans
  • Project execution work, by means of 3D design
  • Stockpiling of materials
  • Fabrication at our factory or on site
  • Ongoing fabrication reports
  • Fulfilment of the delivery deadlines within the agreed time frame

After-sales service

  • Tracking of transport to destination
  • Installation of the fabricated plant on site.
  • Commissioning.
  • Monitoring and control of the installation.
  • Maintenance contract.
  • Technical support service, face-to-face and/or via telephone.